Harper’s Bazaar Promises Me a Luxury Summer: Hollywood There Will!

I hope not to sound stupid, repellent or Machiavellian, but this year It is the year. And is that at last! I decided to spend the summer of my life to spend three months at the other end of the world soaking me new cultures, lifestyles and surrounded by different things. That is why I am excited to see the new cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spain where Cindy Crawford He is the protagonist. And is that the Hollywood sign excites one, and more if they are little less three weeks to see it in first person…

Yes, I said it, and hope that don’t kill me to act. But my dream is Max and he had to share it with you. So I hope to be able to do as the top of the ‘ 90s and put me to pose like a disjointed although not in front of a professional photographer.

Perhaps the result is not the same (or I hope so), but the truth is that little you can ask for when you’re facing the most seen and photographed history poster. She goes out impeccable, the picture is worth much, and the detail to the names in yellow It makes it stand out from the other covers.

It seems to be only beautiful words for this publication, but what are you going to do! I am fan of this magazine and more of its Spanish version.