Elle MacPherson Is Still The Body (With 50 Springs Behind Them)

I remember that I grew up with an idol in the world of fashion: Elle MacPherson, and today and less than a year turned 50, us continues to demonstrate why of his nickname the body. She is the only main character in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar Aussie, and I have to comment the images because they have left me speechless.

Long time not seen it and this appearance helped me to show me that remains it in all its glory and it seems that you have made a Pact with the devil: It is exactly equal, perfect, divine and radiant. I know nothing about If pulled knife to become some other retouching, no idea, but even so I still charming both like the first time I saw her.

The models of the ‘ 90s they continue to prove that they are at foot of Canyon, and this is another example of this.

What you think about the end result?