Eight Looks of The King of Rock That We Will Never Forget and That Show That Elvis Presley Is Still Alive (At Least in Fashion)

By many compliments that can take you to Elvis Presley sure, I’m short. The King of Rock He has the admiration of musicians of all ages and styles, but in fashion also has much to say. Although the passage of time has been little benevolent with the famous white monkey of tacks, Elvis Presley is much more. A large that We owe him much in music, but also in style, and evidenced by these looks.

Oversize fashion

His smooth velvety voice, his eyes, his lips and his wild movement of hips crazy again a whole generation of men and women. Some of their dances suffered up to censorship, but it’s clear that their oversize jackets and trousers they would be fashionable today as yesterday. Another thing are their Blue Suede Shoes, your blue suede shoes, too for the body.

Necks upwards

Elvis Presley She fell in love with his perfect Pompadour (the best hairdo in the history of rock) and his gesture of disdain that as well sit him. It is almost impossible to imitate him, but we will always be able lift the shirt collar as he did, and constricting our sleeves.

Western shirt

A style that not goes out of fashion and that returns periodically. The style of a cowboy, with shoulders and decorated cuffs shirt is something that all have taken ever, whether we are women or men. In fact, this season we also tire of seeing embroidered shirts everywhere. Elvis lives in 2016 fashion.


John Lennon said that rock died when Elvis had to leave to make the mili. Two years in which they saw him dress soldier, but in which their music changed forever. Goodbye to the rebellion which made him famous. To remember we have the rocker with his uniform full of patches, a trend that follows petando it.

Hawaiian shirts

Elvis Presley lived a very special relationship with Hawaii, and to remember we still have these mythical Hawaiian shirts and garlands of flowers. Who we could tell that these printed shirts would again fashion.

Married with print

We will miss him blame the fashion of the time, that was a bit excessive. Elvis and Priscilla were married in 1967, with Elvis, dressed in a tuxedo with printed cashmere and cowboy boots. A look a little Baroque, but the print has not gone fashion since then.

With cowl neck

A look of the sixties that is still modern: jersey with cowl neck and blazer. Their only daughter was born ten months after getting married, Lisa Marie Presley and the presentation to the world of Elvis as a parent was so sweet.

The white monkey

While the monkeys they are fashionable and even the Bell-Bottoms have made a great comeback, this look White Gold studs, PIN and huge bottlenecks still seems us outdated and tacky as few. But Elvis should forgive him everything, were the 1970s and remember it as it was in its best times.