Darwin Deez “You Can’t Be My Girl”- And The New Aesthetics Of Music Video.

Darwin Deez “You Can’t be my girl” from Keith Schofield on Vimeo.

If you have the feeling, look at just a promotional film of the savings bank, then you can see a film of the savings bank’s, or just the latest music video by Darwin Deez. That New York has no longer any eggs in the nest, is not hard to guess and at the same time quite wonderful. Since it is usually the slightly oblique birds, which set new impulses. We look off now by the audiovisual systems, which dropped the one and the others can as well displease, but is by no means novel, remains nothing more than a funny short movie, which is possibly more significant than one beginning to accept dares.

We had at that time on the subject ”Seapunk”. A Twitter movement quite can have influence on music videos (in this case it was banks that presented itself in the complete look under other Azealia), and this complete look in turn can influence the approach of the fashion industry itself (Proenza Schouler adapted the computational aesthetics of the 90s along with pink trance dolphin in a collection video), is so known to us. But what happens now with the current music video to “you can’t be my girls” by Darwin Deez?

Will it fizzle unnoticed into nothingness, or must one’s interpret as another Herald for cultivating the long forgotten romanticizing of the reality in the moving image, as revival of “American cure world” in art for the masses? All wanted to sail but for years beyond the own horizon, Phanatsiewelten or extreme – so how does this return? Are the technical possibilities we tired? Want we finally see people who look like people, just a bit happier but in truth? Quite possible that the head it is to surrender before all the retro kitsch. Instagram pictures ahead the world thanks to filtering in a ones warm light, Polaroids, where you look and Lana del Rey and co can get not enough of vintage and Super 8. Who is there now still with, becomes invisible. Be different, just like?

Not, is breaking new ground, but once again falls back on the time-tested – though, is that it is this time still not so long ago. Millennium, people. Also the 90s are eventually sucked. Bands such as LCMDF smell that for a long time and also during my last visit to the HRST KRZBRG I witnessed, like this”new old imagery” slowly returning.

The grandiose electronica duo “MILLENIUM” (with Norman Palm and Ville shark coloring) is reflected in the press material and accompanying videos in the perfect Office Chair-nerd look (and that serious!). As LCMDF places also. And then came Darwin Deez and made with. We must now calmly shaking their heads and find it uncool. But be warned, there’s certainly still more.