Chiara Ferragni Captures Another Cover More in Madame Figaro, Where Is Its Limit?

Oui, c’est Chiara Ferragni on the new cover of Madame Figaro Greece. This girl doesn’t stop!, blogger millionaire with less than 30 years according to Forbes (seems that his fortune of 8 million dollars have made this magazine to pose in her eyes), home of the Memorial number of the 20 years of Madame Figaro, also cover of magazines like vanity or Grazia and their own brands of shoes and jewelry designer, This net celebrity still has a spool for a while.

Adored by many, envied by most, with a large retinue of detractors and haters after it (which give you more bass drum and cymbal that already from itself awake), Chiara Ferragni Hurricane seems to have no end. It began with a certainly tacky style but with the necessary ingredients to succeed. Something that he did, made and seen, surely will continue. His latest hit, the cover of Madame Figaro Greece is a clear example of this.