Behind the Scenes: Artiface Shoot with Bonnie Strange

Make up and I, we’re not friends. Black spots under the eyes after crashed ink, pink clown cheeks because all of Rouge and lipstick stains on your teeth – looks something like my very own makeup cosmos. Livia from the Heath is so obviously the opposite of me: sent and detail in love she deals probably already since childhood with the high art of the faces Garnierens. This passion has now become a professional: with Artiface launched it recently the perhaps first beauty platform that focuses on real women and conjures up weekly self-produced videos up that even I can do something with. Since we were allowed to meet the makers behind Artiface this morning personally, for us anyway, is: who is with so much passion here, to realize his own dream, before we move to our imaginary hat.

Also Bonnie strange seems convinced, as was the colorful choice Berliners today powerful out dressed, in the future the Artiface page to honor tomorrow with her orange mane. It was the first time that I live and in color was the model and the photographer and bosom friend of the enchanting Peter and one was at this point said: of all the Blingbling in Mrs lane life should be not fooled – because in this lovely being a pretty big, real heart slumbers obviously and on top of that a huge dose of self-mockery. Never in my life I met also a human, which succeeded in the face of a camera to show 50 different faces in a single minute, and it also still invariably bombastic look. Dear thank you for the beautiful Sunday morning,.

MI the two Stylistinnen Patricia Piatke and Aennikin, with negar on behalf of musicism & cinelove online PR and Eugen Mai behind the camera x Bonnie could at the shoot for the Artiface strange campaign so almost anything go wrong: between several hours of the precise make-up and curls turning Lambrechts of acting a bit magical Bonnie with mermaids aura, fortunately still a little chocolate bunnies snacking time remained. Happy Easter and have fun with the making-of pictures!

Negar, Patricia, Livia & Aennikin.

And at the end a small tip from Bonnie: COLOR. BUG for colorful hair until the next wash:

All images this is Jane Wayne