Advent Calendar #12 / / A Pair Of Jeans Custom-Made By Selfnation Amounting To

Women like to buy shoes, it always says, that not tweak namely and the Po has also not purely to fit. Who that has such an and more hip, two legs, thighs and Carlos, no matter in whatever size or small anyway, who knows, that hardly anything so murder strenuous is, like locating the perfect jeans. Primarily therefore, because no body else is similar, but it apparently only the very least brands of this magnificent planet immersed in denim understand. The men and women behind SELFNATION are even more resourceful however on the way, to put a speedy end the record label based in Berlin and Zurich, which has made it to the core task, all jeans frustration – with tailored pants really and truly sitting like a second skin, just without Philip sausage airs and empty promises.

Everything it needs a total of eight lower body dimensions to be determined quite simply, an individual body shape and the respective jeans of desire as a 3D are visualization, more or less so than you would face its own mirror, and hey presto, your own pattern is automatically calculated. Sounds a bit like fashionable request concert, but it’s not – and the best: one of the new, by the way, fair produced favorite jeans for men and women to the value of around €179 could soon you belong to. How you can win?

Commented this post with a few love words, a nice Christmas poem or verbal outbursts of feeling, will (if possible) our Facebook friend or follow us on Instagram and tell us which model should be there. Finished!

Did you know?

– all jeans are custom made from high quality Italian denim fair in Germany and in Switzerland and produced

– the Denimweberei of Selfnation was the first worldwide by the
Greenpeace recorded Detox agreement

– SELFNATION processed exclusively locally-made
and certified materials.

– the innovative company was in 2013 by Andreas Garza and Michael Berli founded, together with the designer Lisa Joost the foundation stone was laid in addition in Berlin

Who can’t wait or is still looking for a Christmas gift, can look directly at by.

Selfnation1 selfnation 4 selfnation 8 selfnation 5

The winner / the winners will be informed in exactly seven days via mail.
We keep all fingers crossed fixed

– in friendly cooperation with SELFNATION –