A Warm Garment to Be Fashionable? Bomber (And Point)

Everything is back, and the era of the ‘ 90s Golden It gives us hit in all the hills. And is that if you are late for a ride by the low-cost shops you will see that there is a jacket that is repeated constantly. And that is none other than the bombers. Horror! This jacket with satin, butane Orange lining is now the garment more in the moment. And if not, just have to see all the offer that there is at the beginning of season…

I remember who wore this type of jackets they were not well viewed in society. Indeed, I crossed of sidewalk for fear of (literal). And now, go with them is to be it more than most. You will end up falling into the temptation? A mi me cuesta, although not I give it as impossible (what remedy!).

  • Short quilted bomber of Zara, 59.95 EUR.
  • Navy Blue Nylon’s Closed, 279 euros.
  • Bomber with grid fabric of Bershka, 35,99 EUR.
  • Jacket bomber padded oversize from Zara, 69.95 EUR.
  • Retro style of Pull & Bear, 35,99 EUR.
  • Bomber with hair collar of Zara TRF, 49,95 EUR.
  • Flower print jacket of patent leather and hair sleeves of Bimba and Lola, 750 euros.

Photos | Camille over the rainbow

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